My wife is a Broadcast Journalist, who hosts the talk show name “Da Chieu – Nhieu Y” which focuses on modern social problems,… Since I use my data skills for making decisions, her YouTube show stat has increased significantly, from ~7000views to over 1.6 million.

My job today is to analyze top Vietnamese news channels to find the topic for my wife’s next video. We will analyze some big names and compare their channels stat, then select the top performers to analyze deeper. I will show you how it can be done in my way.

If you came here for the analyze result, click scroll down.


You can see that YouTube API only sent back around ~20,000 entries for each channel. I searched this problem and found out it came from Youtube’s server side. Even if we try to pay for more quota, the result comes the same. We can’t do anything but accept it.

For a fair comparison and reliable interpretation, I will split the data into two main date ranges:

– Last 16 months: In this range, all channel has equal Data,

– And the rest of the Data: contain data of all time and count all data available, which is not available on some channel like Dan Tri, or not a comparable amount of video like BBC.


Views per Video

BBC has produced some pretty good videos. This helped them to achieve the highest average views per video.

The rest are also many million-view videos, but because they produced so many videos that did not get audience attention, the average video per video declined.


Views per Minute

Dan Tri’s Views per Minute is super high despite their video not having as many views as BBC or the others.

Their secret tactic is to utilize YouTube Short, which saves production time, quicker response, and less effort.

Although BBC has the highest views per video, their video’s duration is usually 30 minutes to one hour. This means they have to create lengthy videos, spent more resources and time to get more views.



The chart below will answer an important question: What kind of topic that audience want to watch most? 

Please have a look at the filter below, which between to see recent video of last 16 months; or all video.


Some videos have millions of views because they were published long ago, not because they are super interesting. So sorting by accumulated views over time is not a good indicator for short-term strategy. That is why I created an indicator – Views per Day, to show which video gained most views per day from the day they were published


The black columns indicate total reaction of that video, included Like and comments count