Personal Projects

The first project is this website itself.

I built it with Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, JS, PHP, lots of code from Stackoverflow and tons of coffee

I am not a web developer, but I am an active learner that know how to use Google 😀 

Monkeypox Outbreak Global Dashboard Using Tableau

I built this live Dashboard to increase awareness about the next global pandemic. This kind of virus is not as contagious as Covid-19, but it's also lethal. Be careful guys!

Germany Bank’s Credit Card Risk Prediction using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Use Neural Network to perform Supervised ML on bank’s credit data. Built prediction model with extreme high accuracy (93.5%) to predict if a customer has a credit risk.

Analyze competitor’s YouTube channel using API and Tableau

Using YouTube API and Python, analyze 5 biggest Vietnamese news channels on YouTube to extract audience insight and create comparative advantage. Tableau will be used for visualization.

Why don’t they buy our insurance? A business analysis for Travel Assured LLC

Analyze company’s customer data to build customer and non-customer profile. From that find out the reason why people don’t buy insurance and propose solution

Analyze Stock Portfolio Risk of Facebook, Amazon vs S&P 500 Using Sharpe Ratio

Analyze risk and return of portfolio include Facebook, Amazon against S&P 500 for recommendation

Analyze annual data of bike-share service Cyclist, LLC for growth acceleration

Analyze over 5.9 million entries of Cyclist’s 12 months data to find out customer purchasing habit. Propose optimization for marketing operation to achieve higher conversion rate.